Daily Inspirations

February 2018Read with us each day as we study God’s word one chapter at a time!

If you would like to print a copy, click this link for a printable pdf: April 2018

We receive so many benefits by being in God’s word on a daily basis.  Reading our Bible brings us closer to God, allows us to clearly see HIS will, and helps our spiritual growth.  We provide a scripture reading calendar each month as a helpful tool to keep us all on track.

Committing to read one chapter a day gives us the opportunity to reflect on that one passage all day instead of overloading our minds.  Daily reading through the Bible together, we have the benefit of discussing how certain scriptures have impacted our lives.  Also, if we have trouble understanding a passage, we know we can reach out to another who has read that same passage.

If you are new to daily scripture reading or if you have gotten off track, today is the perfect day to pick up your Bible and read with us.