God's Holy Word

We are blessed to have a pastor who seeks God’s will before preparing sermons and invests much time in the preparation of each sermon.  We invite you to join us for one of our weekly services to experience God’s word and His presence first hand.

Do you record the services?

We do record most sermons preached at Oak Grove Baptist Church.  Perhaps you were unable to attend church services due to an illness or perhaps you enjoyed the sermon and would love to hear it again.  Do you know someone who’d benefit from one of the sermons?  You can listen by following this link:  OAK GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH ON SERMON AUDIO.

  • Sermon Audio is a web based platform that allows listeners to hear the word of God at no costs anywhere in the world.  The link above allows you to visit our page and choose which sermon you’d like to hear or share with a friend.

Can I get a copy?

Of course you can!  We can burn a CD or send you an mp3 file.  You can fill out a SERMON REQUEST here, or you can fill out one at church and drop it in the basket in our foyer.  Remember to include your mailing address if you are not able to pick up a copy at church.  If you are requesting an mp3, please include your email address.