Children’s Church


Sunday mornings at 10:15 for ages four through ten. (4-10)
(We do not have Children’s Church on the last Sunday of the month.)


Children matter in God’s kingdom!  Their souls are equally as important to Jesus as any adult’s.

Children can learn about Jesus in a regular congregational service or in a child specific service.  We believe children need to learn how to work together as a group for Christ just as His disciples did to spread the gospel.  We also believe that children need strong spiritual foundations to become the next generation of church leaders.

Our hearts were burdened to start Children’s Church many years ago.  As our church grew, we were able to implement this special worship service tailored for children.  We are blessed to have some very special people who take turns sharing God’s word with our four (4) to ten (10) year olds each week.  Following song worship and prayer requests in our church sanctuary, we convene Children’s Church in our fellowship hall.  They worship through song and hear a special message designed to reach their age group.

Do children ever attend a regular church service?


Yes, we do believe that children are a part of the body of Christ and, as such, need to feel like they are a part of the body of Christ and our church community.  We do believe that children need to witness the godly examples sitting in the pews each week.  How else will they learn and how else will we get to know each one of them and minister to them?  We do believe that they need to learn how we, as adults, worship and pray and why we do.   We don’t want them to feel like they have been removed from services because they are an inconvenience.  The bible never speaks of children being an inconvenience to worship or services being rigid and professional.  That is why we do not have Children’s Church on the last Sunday of the month.  We have set aside one Sunday each month where we all worship together.

Does my child have to go to Children’s Church? Can’t he or she sit with me?

Children’s Church is an option!

We do not pressure anyone to send their children to the Nursery or Children’s Church.  Some parents prefer for their children to be in “big church” as opposed to Children’s Church.  There are many valid reasons for children to attend either service.  There is no right or wrong choice when you know that you are in a place that teaches the truth.  You know what is best for your family.  Whichever decision you make, we respect and support your choice.