Game Night Fun

Teens are the next generation of church leaders, family leaders, and business leaders.  We know that the teen years are awkward.  They aren’t children, yet, they aren’t adults.  Teens are in a place where they want respect and responsibility while still being able to enjoy some lighthearted fun.

Our goal is to offer our teens a safe place to meet without worldly pressure where they can interact with one another while also sharing God’s word and putting Jesus at the center.  We want them to grow in the Lord and gradually transition into Christian adults still involved in Christian ministry.  Regardless of where God leads our teens as adults; whether called to another church, the mission field, to pastor, or to remain in our church as future leaders, we want to lay a strong foundation for them to stand on.

In addition to Sunday School, we have two wonderful couples who plan out lessons and activities for our teens each week.  They allow our teens to be teens while guiding them through God’s word.  Our teens meet in their newly constructed room on Sunday evenings at 5:30 to talk and unwind before beginning their lesson and activities at 6:00.  Your teens are welcome to join in every Sunday evening!  If Sunday evening is difficult for you, we also have a wonderful Sunday School class with the same goals every Sunday morning.