The Lord has blessed us with a beautiful, crisp, cool, Fall day. If you are not from the south, you just don’t know how we marvel at such a thing as a day like this! We usually go from Summer to Winter in a day. From one extreme to another… Yes, that is reality for us. Then, there are special moments that refresh us. Most of us step outside, take a deep breath, and exhale with refreshing joy on days like today.

Thankfully, everyday with Christ can be filled with refreshing joy. If we take a minute to quietly reflect on ourselves and evaluate how we react, we would all admit that we live from one extreme to the other when we try to lead ourselves. One day we are in summer and, out of the blue, we go right into winter. We don’t have a second to breath. We are so busy with our attempt to meet the expectations of the world that we neglect to check with our creator first. We forget that we have a savior to lead and lean on and the stress builds up from our own empty, self-fulfilling choices. Then, we reach a new extreme – drought. We run completely out of energy.

When we get into the scriptures and seek God’s will for our lives, we can experience that Fall refreshing on a spiritual level. The answers to our questions are there in His word – in prayer – in faithful service to our Lord. Like a crisp Fall day, Jesus refreshes us day by day when we choose to put Him before self and the world. Spiritual refreshing, peace, and joy are available to us every single day. What a blessing!