VBS 2023

Digging Deep for God

July 9th – July 14th


Four (4) – Eighteen (18)

*Nursery will be available for VBS workers only.


Sunday, July 9th through Thursday, July 13th.

Check-in will begin at 5:30 P.M.

Pick-up will be at 8:30 P.M.

Online Registration

We have pre-registration available!

Save time on your first day! Click here to go to the form. You will need to fill out and submit a form for EACH child attending. The information you submit will NOT be shared. 

Nightly Offering

Bring your special offering each night.

Sunday – Pennies                  Tuesday – Dimes                  Thursday – Dollars

Monday – Nickels                 Wednesday – Quarters


Friday, July 14th at 6:30 P.M.

Children will meet in the Fellowship Hall at 6:00. Parents and guests will go directly to the Sanctuary in the Main Church Building.

Children should dress appropriately for the program. Please wear clothes and shoes that do not slide around easily. Also, children will be on stage at times. Please consider this when choosing skirts, dresses, and loose shorts.

We will serve refreshments following the program and crafts may be gathered at that time.

Other Notes


Some of the games played at VBS may consist of running, jumping, etc. Again, children should dress appropriately. Please wear clothes and shoes that do not slide around easily. If your child is wearing a dress/skirt, please have shorts on underneath.

Personal Items:

Through all the excitement at VBS, we cannot guarantee the safety of any electronic devices, toys, money, etc.  We will have a container and labels for items that may get lost or cause distractions. These items will be returned at the end of the evening.


We ask that you do not come to VBS or send your child to VBS ill. If your child has had a fever, vomiting, or other symptoms of illness, please keep them home. 

Items needed for refreshments

We do not need mustard, ketchup, or mayo.


Sliced Cheese

White Bread



Tomato Sauce


Corn Dogs

Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Buns



Melted Cheese





Capri Suns, Kool Aid, Hawaiian Punch

Dinner rolls or Garlic Bread

VBS Refreshment Menu

Cookies and fruit juice/punch will be available each evening. Chips or fries will also be served with some meals.

Sunday Ham and Cheese Sliders/Sandwiches
Monday Spaghetti and Meatballs
Tuesday Corn Dogs
Wednesday  Hot Dogs/Chili and Nachos/Cheese
Thursday Jambalaya
Friday Pizza